Secretarial Services

I. Company Law & Secretarial Compliances

1. Formation / Change and Conversion of Company:

  •   Formation of Private, Public Companies & Non-profit Companies.
  •   Conversion of Partnership firm into a limited company under Part IX.
  •   Formation of subsidiary companies.
  •   Formation of Foreign Companies.
  •   Conversion of Private Company into Public Company & vice versa.
  •   Takeover of Sole Proprietor Concern by Limited Company.
  •   Change of name of a Company.
  •   Change of Objects of Company.
  •   Commencement of new business by an existing company.
  •   Change of Registered Office within & outside the city, state & jurisdiction of ROC.

2. Issue / Restructuring of Share Capital:

  •   Issue of Equity Shares at discount & at premium
  •   Rights Issue.
  •   Issue of Bonus Shares.
  •   Issue of Preferential Shares / Private Placement.
  •   Issue of ESOPS through trust route.
  •   Issue of Sweat Equity Shares and Issue of Shares with Differential Voting Rights.
  •   Issue of Share Certificates on splitting, consolidation etc.,
  •   Issue of Debentures.
  •   Increase, consolidation, subdivision & reduction of Share Capital.
  •   Payment of Dividend & Interim dividend & related compliances.

3. Shares and Share related issues:

  •   Registration, Certification of Share Transfers & Post Approval processing between Resident Indians and NRIs.
  •   Dematerialization & Rematerialization of Shares.
  •   Transmission of Shares.
  •   Pledging of shares.
  •   Nomination of Shares.
  •   Transfer by the way of gift.

4. Appointments / Cessations / Remuneration of Directors:

  •   Appointment of Directors, Additional Directors, Independent Directors, Casual vacancies, Nominee Director, Alternate Director etc.,
  •   Change in designation of Directors.
  •   Appointment of Persons related to a director to hold an Office or Place of Profit.
  •   Appointment of Sole Selling agents.
  •   Revision of Remuneration of Managing / Whole time Director, non executive directors.

5. Meetings:

  •   Assistance in Holding Board of Directors Meeting as per company Law and SEBI norms.
  •   Assistance in Holding Annual General Meetings and Extra-ordinary General Meetings.
  •   Assistance in Holding Audit Committee Meetings, Nomination and Remuneration Committee Meetings, Stake Holders Committee Meetings and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Meetings.
  •   Assistance in Holding Class Meetings, Creditors Meetings and Debenture Holders Meetings etc.,
  •   Conducting Voting by Poll & Providing Poll Report.
  •   Conducting Postal Ballot Voting, E-Voting and Providing Scrutinizers Report accordingly.
  •   Drafting of Resolutions & Minutes for all types of Meetings.

6. Issue of Reports and Maintenance of Records:

  •   Report on Corporate Governance
  •   Drafting Director's Report & Annual Return
  •   Drafting Statutory Reports, Notices, Agendas etc.,
  •   Maintenance of Statutory Registers and other support services

7. Annual Filings

  •   Filing of MGT-7 and AOC-4(Including XBRL) for all the Companies.

II. Secretarial/Compliance Audit and Certification Services.

  •   Secretarial Audit.
  •   Share Transfer Audit..
  •   Corporate Governance Report.
  •   Certification of Borrower Companies for Consortium Lending under RBI norms.
  •   Annual Return Certification.
  •   Certification of all documents to be filed with Registrar of Companies.